Vilnius Jewish Cemetery Šnipškės/Piramont 2) Silvia Foti

The first is the US State Department’s 2020 Report on Religious Freedom
in Lithuania.  It appears to be a summary of news reports and
specifically mentions Defending History regarding the Cemetery:

The second is Silvia Foti’s write-up of her trip to Lithuania at the end
of October, 2021
She met with the US Ambassador.  He told her that he spends half his
time on the Holocaust.

That is good news because the previous US Ambassador was active in
supporting the egregious Lithuanian state policy.

EMET Newsletter—December 31, 2021

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Volume 14, Issue 36

“Courage means first off, the unqualified rejection of lies. Do not speak untruths, either about yourself or anyone else, no matter the comfort offered the mob. And do not genially accept the lies told to you. If possible, be vocal in rejecting claims you know to be false. Courage can be contagious, and your example may serve as a means of transmission.”

—Bari Weiss in Commentary, ­­November 2021
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Not With a Bang, But a Whimper
By Hussein Aboubakr Mansour | December 30, 2021

To say that hopes were high in December 2020 would be an understatement. With a new presidential administration promising a return to decency, good tweeting, and with COVID vaccinations in the works, the world was betting on 2021 to be the year of a great American comeback, when Americans were going to summon their great revivalist spirit in order to “Build Back Better.”
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Words for Humanity | CAEF Bulletin, December 31, 2021

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More Words about the UN’s latest Attack on Israel

The new Commission of Inquiry established by the UN (un)Human Rights Council (UNHRC) should rightfully be called a “shanda”, the Yiddish word for a disgrace, a shame, a terrible embarrassment, a scandal. CAEF urges everyone to respond to the Inquiry so read further.

There is no justifiable reason for millions of dollars to go to establishing a forever inquiry into Israel, the country most demonized by this global organization that was established ostensibly for humanitarian purposes.

Read excerpts from the United Nations Charter

CAEF won’t comment on whether the UN does a good job on all of its charter mandate; there are operating units that deliver humanitarian aid or support sustainable development, but clearly the entire UN system does a terrible job of maintaining peace and security, solving international problems and encouraging respect for human rights and upholding international law in settling disputes. To wit, the latest hostile, injustice meted out to Israel is the formation of an ongoing Commission of Inquiry headed by a chief antisemite and her team of anti-Israel provocateurs.
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