THANK YOU and Next Steps After NO FEAR Rally


Thank you all for your incredible dedication to “NO FEAR: A Rally in Solidarity with the Jewish People” which united thousands of eager supporters, ready to end Jewish hate, from a spectrum across the country, all under the undeniably hot sun of Washington, D.C.

Many attendees and their guests repeated the same question throughout the event: what’s next? As we reflect on yesterday’s success and plan our own next steps, we urge you to share the following resources with your friends, rabbis, and other, relevant networks. Please cherish, as we will, the insights from the incredible conversations of the weekend and the relationships built upon the beliefs of peace, security, and resilience against all forms of hate.

And remember #NoFear
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Jaučakiuose iškils naujas monumentas Holokausto aukoms atminti

Jaučakiuose iškils naujas monumentas Holokausto aukoms atminti 2021

Vilkijos apylinkių seniūnija įrengs papildomas rodykles ir informacinius ženklus.Justinos Lasauskaitės nuotr. Skaičius: panašių skaudžių vietų Kauno rajone yra aštuonios.Justinos Lasauskaitės nuotr. Rugsėjo 23-ąją, Lietuvos žydų genocido aukų atminimo dieną, minėsime 80-ąsias Holokausto metines. Šešiose pakaunės seniūnijose yra aštuonios vietos, menančios šį skaudų istorijos puslapį. Babtuose, Garliavoje, Vandžiogaloje, Vilkijos apylinkėse ir Zapyškyje yra saugomi istoriniai, memorialiniai kultūros paveldo objektai – žydų žudynių ir užkasimo vietos. Viena skaudžiausių holokausto vietų Kauno rajone yra Jaučakių miške (Vilkijos apylinkių seniūnija). Apie tragediją liudija 1 359 kv. m aptvertoje miško teritorijoje daugiau nei prieš šešis dešimtmečius pastatytas paminklas nužudytiems žydų tautybės asmenims atminti. Rūpinasi savivaldybė Kauno rajono savivaldybės Urbanistikos skyriaus vyr. specialistė Eglė Knygauskaitė-Liakienė pasakojo, kad prastėjant paminklo būklei, savivaldybė prieš daugiau kaip penkerius metus kreipėsi į Kultūros paveldo departamentą (KPD) ir paprašė žydų žudynių vietą ir kapą, esančius Jaučakių kaime, paskelbti valstybės saugomu kultūros paveldo objektu. “Prašymo tikslas buvo gauti finansavimą iš KPD šio kultūros paveldo objekto tvarkybos darbams. 2016 m.

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Thank you Foreign Minister Yair Lapid, you finally said the words



Till now, Israel failed to tell Eastern European allies the plain truth: They are distorting Holocaust history and must own up to their complicity in the murder of Jews

Foreign Minister Yair Lapid arrives for the weekly cabinet meeting at the Prime Minister’s Office in Jerusalem, on June 20, 2021. (Emmanuel Dunand/Pool/AFP)

Foreign Minister Yair Lapid arrives for the weekly cabinet meeting at the Prime Minister’s Office in Jerusalem, on June 20, 2021. (Emmanuel Dunand/Pool/AFP)

Dear Foreign Minister Yair Lapid,

It was with a mixture of joy and deep relief that I read the media reports of your strong response to the imminent passage of a Polish bill that would deny compensation to survivors whose claims had hitherto not been settled during the past 30 years. The extremely harsh statement by Polish Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki that “Poland will surely not pay for the German crimes. Not a [Polish] zloty, not a euro or a dollar,” carried a very dangerous message that went way beyond the financial aspects of the restitution bill currently under consideration in the Sejm, Poland’s parliament.

In practical terms, it meant that Poland would not offer any financial compensation for stolen property if, for any reason, the property in question could not be returned to its Jewish owners or their heirs. In the eyes of the leaders of the country’s ruling Law and Justice party, neither Poland nor Poles bear any blame for Holocaust crimes, and therefore there is no justification for Jewish demands for restitution by Poland. This highly distorted narrative of the Shoah, which virtually absolves Poland of any guilt despite the widespread complicity of individual Poles in Holocaust crimes, is typical of the false narratives of the history of the Holocaust that have spread throughout post-Communist Eastern Europe since 1990 following the fall of the Soviet Union.

The bill deserved a very firm rebuke from Israel, which until now has declined to speak out, and your assertion that “preserving the memory of the Holocaust, caring for the rights of survivors and among them, the return of Jewish property stolen during the Shoah, are central elements of the identity of the State of Israel,” was a breath of fresh air coming from Jerusalem. Israel has virtually ignored Eastern Europe’s Holocaust distortion for the past three decades, so your rooting of Israel’s obligation to defend Holocaust memory in its “moral and historical values” was a fitting and welcome response.
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Welcoming the New AZM Leadership

Gunther Jikeli – my take on the recent wave of antisemitism and attempts to downplay and excuse it. OpEd in English and German

Dear friends and colleagues,

You might be interested in my take on the recent wave of antisemitism.

This OpEd was first published in the left-leaning German daily TAZ,!5775880/

An English version with more links to surveys and sources was just published in The Algemeiner,

The Algemeiner is one of the best informed newspapers on antisemitic developments worldwide, thanks to outstanding journalists such as Ben Cohen.



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