error Strikes Jerusalem. Who Is To Blame?

Monday – November 22, 2021
Terror Strikes Jerusalem.
Who Is To Blame?
On Sunday morning, one person was murdered and another 3 were wounded, one of them in moderate to serious condition and two lightly in a shooting attack near the Chain Gate close to the Kotel. The terrorist was neutralized by security forces.
Eliyahu David Kay, an employee at the Western Wall Heritage Foundation and a recent oleh from South Africa, was killed. AFSI mourns the senseless loss of this young man and prays for the recovery of all those injured in this terror attack.
Incitement and terror against Israelis is on the rise again. We believe we can attribute this directly to 1) Biden & Co.’s political pressure to open a PA consulate in Jerusalem, 2) talk of reviving efforts to establish a PA state, and 3. the Israeli government’s steps to strengthen the PA economically. With Biden’s damaging support of terrorism, it’s clear that Arabs see a new path to attain their goal of destroying and taking over all of Israel.
Last week Caroline Glick, in one of her always astute articles, quoted Prime Minister Naftali Bennett who said, “There are no negotiations taking place towards the establishment of a terror state in the heart of Israel.” This actually might be true. From what we see there are no negotiations. However, there are direct giveaways to the PA with no concern for the negative and harmful consequences it will have on the Israeli people.
Is “Jewish Terrorism” Bennett’s New Target?
aka, It All Started After Israel Retaliated
Defense Minister Benny Gantz last Thursday instructed Israel’s security forces to work together and focus their efforts on the new and old centers of friction between Arabs and Jews in Judea and Samaria. Gantz called for establishing new, dedicated teams to deal with “Jewish terrorism.”
Referring to Arab complaints against Jewish “settlers,” Gantz stressed “what begins with a tree can end in bodily injury and, God forbid, death. Hate crimes are the root of terrorism and we must eradicate it.” He was surely referring to Jewish hate crimes.
Does Benny Gantz have his facts correct? The reason for the meeting with Gantz was those well-edited video clips that have been disseminated on social media and covered by multiple news reporters on television. The clips are always biased against the Jews and often against IDF soldiers who show up on the scene and rightfully protect the Jews against assaults by Arabs. The clips pick up the action after the Arab provocation, in the best tradition of “it all started after Israeli retaliated.”
AFSI is deeply troubled to report again on developments that appease, favor and bolster PA terrorists, while Bennett ignores – and now blatantly demonizes the Jewish residents of Judea and Samaria. If Israel is to remain a Sovereign nation and defend and protect its people, then the actions Bennett has taken since he took office will ultimately harm the entire State of Israel.

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