Ar čia tiesa ? “ADVERTISEMENT NATO 2023 in Lithuania: Rife with political pitfalls”

One of the greatest public relations catastrophes of President Reagan’s tenure was his May 1985 visit to a cemetery in Bitburg, Germany, that contained numerous members of the Waffen SS. Today, nearly four decades later, the visit is still remembered with anger, confoundment, and mostly for America, embarrassment.

NATO has announced that the next meeting of NATO heads of state and government will be held in Vilnius, Lithuania, on July 11-12, 2023. There are, unfortunately, obvious parallels to Reagan’s “goodwill” visit to Bitburg.

Toliau skaityti “Ar čia tiesa ? “ADVERTISEMENT NATO 2023 in Lithuania: Rife with political pitfalls””

Ar čia tiesa ? “They have done it again!”

Those Lithuanians who murdered Jews are not despised for their actions, they are, instead, revered for imaginary acts of heroism and courage. Lithuania has an entire government department dedicated to Holocaust fraud. Almost every credible Holocaust research organization recognizes Lithuania as a Holocaust revisionist state.

Toliau skaityti “Ar čia tiesa ? “They have done it again!””