Call for Applications: ISGAP-NYC Workshop June 2024 “Advancing A Conceptual Framework For The Critical Examination Of Contemporary Antisemitism

Applicants are welcome to take part in a scholarly endeavor to lay the foundations for the creation of a conceptual framework for the critical examination of contemporary antisemitism from an interdisciplinary perspective. Join us from 16-21 June 2024, in New York, and be part of a selective group of scholars spearheading an effort to decode, map and combat, the re-emergence of antisemitic discourse and violence to address this deeply rooted form of hatred, especially within academia.

The ISGAP-New York Workshop will be an action-oriented project with the goal of developing a working document, outlining the fundamental aspects for the creation of a conceptual framework for the interdisciplinary study of critical contemporary antisemitism studies.

Who Should Apply: Full time Professors and advanced doctorate students
are encouraged to apply.

How to Apply: Interested individuals should submit the following materials:

  1. A brief statement of purpose (max 500 words) – outlining your interest in the workshop and how your academic or professional background aligns with the goals of advancing a conceptual framework for the critical examination of contemporary antisemitism.
  2. Two letters of recommendation – from a professional or academic reference familiar with your work and qualifications.
  3. CV – detailing academic background and relevant experience.
Please compile application materials into a single PDF file and/or email, and send it with the subject heading “ISGAP-NYC Workshop 2024″ to no later than May 1st, 2024. Early applicants are encouraged to apply as space for this workshop is limited.

Registration Fee: $600 USD.

Scholarships: Limited accommodation stipends are available for exceptional candidates to assist with lodging and travel expenses. Additionally, lunch will be provided daily during the workshop for all participants.

Contact: Submit your application, inquiries, and expressions of interest via email to with the subject heading “ISGAP-NYC Workshop 2024″

Recording: Echoes of Courage: Soviet Jews’ Resistance Against KGB’s Holocaust Erasure

Echoes of Courage: Soviet Jews’ Resistance Against KGB’s Holocaust Erasure Recording


Please consider sponsoring a future virtual event hosted by the Baltimore Zionist District featuring top experts offering critical insights into Jewish culture, history, and Israel-related topics. Our members greatly benefit from these events, and your support is vital to ensure their continued success and accessibility to the community.

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This morning the BZD joined our guide Evgenia Kempinski as we stepped into the post-WWII era of the USSR, where Jewish survivors returned to a landscape scarred by devastation and silence. Amidst this silence, the KGB undertook relentless efforts to obliterate the memory of the Holocaust. However, against all odds, Jews displayed remarkable resilience.
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“Fireside Chat” with Tal Brody

Tuesday, April 16 at 11:00 AM (ET)

Join the BZD and Tal Brody as he discusses his remarkable journey, which began with his Aliyah to Israel after the 1965 7th Maccabiah Olympic Games. This marked the start of an illustrious career that has left an indelible mark on Israel’s history. At just 34 years old, Tal was awarded the prestigious Israel Prize, the highest civilian honor in the country, a testament to his exceptional contributions.

Tal’s legacy in Israel’s sports landscape continued to blossom as he was chosen to light the torch on Independence Day, symbolizing his national significance. He proudly carried this torch to open the 9th Maccabiah Olympic Games. As the captain of Maccabi Tel-Aviv, Tal led the team to a historic victory, securing Israel’s first European Basketball Championship. His influence transcended sports, and he was acknowledged by The New York Times as one of the top ten immigrants who have shaped Israel’s landscape.

BZD 2024 Yom Haazmaut Celebration

Mark your calendars because something exciting is coming your way!

Join BZD for our upcoming Yom Haazmaut Celebration fundraiser. It’s not just any event – it’s a chance for us to come together as a community, celebrate Israel’s 76th birthday in style, and make a meaningful impact on our shared mission.

Here’s what you can expect at the party of the year:

🎶 Live Music: Get ready to dance the night away!

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🍹Specialty Drinks: Sip on specialty cocktails as we raise a toast to Israel and our brothers & sisters

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But that’s not all – by attending our Yom Haazmaut celebration, you’re not just in for a good time. You’re also supporting the incredible work of the BZD in our community and beyond. From subsidizing trips to Israel for Baltimore teens and moms to organizing educational events and fighting against antisemitism, your participation makes a real difference.

Iran Attack

Dear Valdas,

The defensive ability that Israel demonstrated last night was impressive, as was the regional cooperation. However, without offensive activity on the part of Israel, we will find ourselves ‘normalizing’ the events of last night.

It is right to be proud of Israel’s display of defense last night, and the ability to mobilize a coalition of countries to block Iran’s attack.   At the same time, it should be remembered that defensive capability is only a platform for the offensive.

After a night that included the firing of over 300 drones and missiles from Iran, launches from Yemen and dozens of rockets from Lebanon, Israel must make it clear to the international community that it must attack in order to show our strength to our enemies and so as not to normalize attacks from Iran.

For the sake of Israel’s future, the cabinet must show a united front, and the people of Israel must show a united front.  They must support the Prime Minister to launch an offensive strike. Only such unity will make it possible to mobilize an international coalition to move forward with the objectives of targeting strategic sites in Iran which will keep the Iranian nuclear threat and the missile threat at bay.

Standing Strong,

Brigadier General (res.) Amir Avivi
Founder and Chairman of IDSF Habithonistim

Recording Available: Sharansky War Briefing, “Friends and Enemies in the time of War”

Watch the recorded address by ISGAP Chair, Natan Sharansky, who will discuss the developments in Israel. Mr. Sharansky is the recipient of the Congressional Medal of Honor and the Presidential Medal of Freedom. He famously developed a vital definition for the new antisemitism – the 3d test, to help us distinguish legitimate criticism of Israel from antisemitism. The first “D” is the test of demonization, the second – of double standards, the third – of delegitimization. This 3d principle was widely accepted by different organizations that fight antisemitism and was included in the international definition of antisemitism.

Recording Available: “The Genocidal Alliance – Western Intellectuals and Hamas” with Dr. Charles Asher Small and Haras Rafiq

The recording for The Genocidal Alliance – Western Intellectuals and Hamas” with Dr. Charles Asher Small and Haras Rafiq is now available. You can watch it by clicking here.
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Report on book promotion in Holland of Dutch edition of “Our People; Discovering Lithuania’s Hidden Holocaust


One of the Wiesenthal Center’s most important and effective tools in the fight against the rampant Holocaust distortion in post-Communist Eastern Europe is the book Our People; Discovering Lithuania’s Hidden Holocaust, which I wrote together with popular Lithuanian author Ruta Vanagaite, who discovered and admitted that her relatives (grandfather, and her aunt’s husband) had participated in the persecution of their Jewish neighbors during the Holocaust.


The book was published initially in Lithuania, where it sold close to 20,000 copies and was a best-seller for several months, and the most-read book in public libraries for several years. In the meantime, it also has been published in Polish, Russian, Hebrew, English, Swedish, Japanese, and most recently Dutch.


The Dutch edition was published by Verbum, a very reputable publishing house, which has already published over 100 books about the Holocaust. Oddly, we authors were not informed about the appearance of our book, nor did the publisher send us the 4 copies each, which we were supposed to receive according to our contracts. Nor did the publisher inform us of any events to promote the book. So I decided to see if I could arrange a few lectures and events, through my contacts in the Dutch Jewish community, as well as with individuals connected to Holocaust issues.


Thanks to my activities  as a “Nazi-hunter,” I was able to arrange three public lectures, one to the “Christians for Israel” organization, one for the Jewish community, organized by C.I.D.I. the Center for Information and Documentation on Israel, and a third lecture to a Jewish community and many non-Jewish friends in the town of Enschede in eastern Holland. Each of the lectures attracted  a packed house, with highly-interested audiences. All the books we brought to the lectures were sold, and some of the audiences had to order the books which had run out.


One of the key factors which helped generate interest in the lectures and the books, was the media coverage which was outstanding. Practically every important newspaper (clippings are attached) interviewed me, as well as Dutch television and radio. I was lucky that a friend of mine, Arnold Karskens, a former military correspondent, with whom I worked a decade ago, on the case of a Dutch Nazi collaborator assassin, who escaped from a jail in Holland to Germany, had in the interim become a TV star, with his own very popular program. Arnold interviewed me for more than seven minutes at the Dutch National Holocaust Memorial, which lists the names of every Dutch citizen murdered in the Holocaust. And while in several cases, the interviews dealt primarily with the impending end of the trials of Nazi criminals, the exposure definitely helped bring many people to the lectures.


In addition to the lectures and interviews, I was able to attend the rally with the relatives of the hostages, who came from Israel to The Hague to sue Hamas for kidnapping their loved ones. By sheer luck, I found a poster with a picture of 23 year old Hersh Goldberg-Polin, who was wounded by Hamas and taken forcibly to Gaza, whose family live two houses away from me on Naomi St. in Jerusalem. I was able to tell his story to several reporters, who published it in their stories on the rally.


In addition, I had the wonderful privilege of meeting the son of Jan Zwartendijk, the Dutch honorary consul in Lithuania in 1940, who gave fake visas to Curacao to hundreds of Polish Jewish refugees, which helped save their lives, among them practically the entire Mir Yeshiva, including the rabbis and the administration.


Hereunder the link to the item RTV Oost made of my visit to the synagoge in Enschede:


Hereby the links of the interview on Twitter (X):


Hereby the link of the program ‘Ongehoord Nieuws’. The interview was placed on different social media for maximum coverage: (from 33’28” short version with comments).



Efraim Zuroff