Christmas and New Year’s

Many thanks and bravo! Personally, I’m convinced it’s the Almighty’s plan that a small group of diverse  and scattered people working each in their separate way will succeed in this huge inspired undertaking. To summarize recent weeks, Julius published the challenge, Andrius, working with Ruta and the rest of our Vilnius team, launched the campaign, Rabbi Baron supplied the parliamentarians with the proof of widespread and international Litvak dismay (making it clear, inter alia, who the legitimate representatives are of religious Litvak Jewry), and an historic success has been achieved. You, Andrius, put in a huge amount of work and here we are with an important and historic result.
My own view is that evil forces are nevertheless at work to undo this even as we speak, and my advice is that we stick closely focused in the days and weeks ahead on preserving the achievement reached, defending it, preventing its overturn whether directly (say by a change in parliamentary or prime ministerial sentiment) or indirectly (say by an alternative source of funding coming into play). To my mind, as you know, the decision in principle to seek out a new venue for the convention center (and lovingly preserve/restore the sacred cemetery)  is a sine qua non to peace and harmony on the major question at least, leaving all sorts of other things to the future…. So, my own two cents is that working to cement, enshrine, formalize, announce, proclaim the recent decision in connection with the cancellation of funding is now paramount (reports in at least mainstream Jewish media are important for the public space documentation of the change of situation). So be blessed, dear friend, wishing you, your dear parents, and all the House of Kulikauskas a joyous and healthy Christmas and New Year’s, with only good news for all this year and in the year ahead, according to all the world’s calendars…