2020-11-26 Efraim is the Chief Nazi Hunter at The Simon Wiesenthal Centre

My guest this week is none other than the formidable Efraim Zuroff.

Efraim is the Chief Nazi Hunter at The Simon Wiesenthal Centre, and the director of the Centre’s Israel office, and Eastern European Affairs.

For the last four decades, he’s played a major role in facilitating the prosecution of many Nazi war criminals and collaborators, leading the fight against Holocaust distortion.

****At 34:29 Efraim talks about a colleague from the OSI called Bob Crane, but meant to say Bill Crane.****

Follow Efraim on Twitter – @EZuroff


Operation Last Chance – Efraim Zuroff

Our People: Discovering Lithuania’s Hidden Holocaust – Efraim Zuroff and Rūta Vanagaitė

Photo Credit ©Yaakov Israel

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