Happy Independence Day

IDF must prepare for preventive operations in the north

Professor Efraim Inbar
If Israel is to prevent Iran from constructing nuclear weapons it must first deal with the threat from the north.

China’s Vision of a World Order – Global Security and Ukraine Initiatives as Case Studies

Alexander B. Pevzner

China’s recent initiatives for global security – including its mediation in the Saudi-Iran rapprochement and offering a position paper for a solution in Ukraine – demonstrate the strengthening of ties with Russia, and its outreach both to Europe and countries of the ‘Global South’ that would prefer to avoid aligning with the West on geopolitical issues. Hence, it is essential to delve deeper into the detailed “Global Security Initiative” to understand China’s vision for its preferred world order and the accompanying roadmap to get there. This article analyzes this initiative.

Out of the Rubble? Turkey’s Post-Quake Diplomacy and Regional Opening

Dr. Hay Eytan Cohen Yanarocak, Dr. Serhat S. Çubukçuoğlu (TRENDS)

Two powerful earthquakes that struck Turkey’s southeast on February 6, 2023, have taken an enormous toll on lives and livelihoods, putting aside the economic and social damage of epic proportions inflicted on the country. Apart from the ensuing chaotic political atmosphere ahead of the general election in May, the tragedy also has implications for foreign policy.