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Colleagues in Lithuania probably know about this, but just in case (we just received it now….)


IMPORTANT information for the applicants: the Embassy would like to invite them to register for a training for potential grant applicants on U.S. Embassy Small Grants application process which is taking place on June 3, at 10 a.m. They would need to register for it, using the link provided in the invitation text below – please scroll down to see the information about this event. Participants are required  to register it by tomorrow 10 a.m.


They are also welcome to learn more about the Small Grants Program on the Embassy’s webpage, which contains all the necessary information about the application process:


It is important for “Alka” museum to know these facts about the application process:

  • all the grant forms are completed in English
  • the grant application submission deadline for 2021 is July 15th, so it would be advisable for them to start working on the proposal and getting all the required codes as soon as possible. Information on this is on the Embassy website and will be discussed during the training on June 3rd.
  • if they have any questions about the grants, they can approach me directly by e-mail or phone OR my colleague the Grants Specialist Ieva Lapėnienė by e-mail at
  • if the museum s considering to apply for a grant, it would be best for them to develop the plan of the project together with Dr. Freund – they are probably already doing this.

All the information provided above is equally applicable to the Molėtai Regional Museum. Thank you in advance for sharing these details about grant application process with them.


I will be happy to give more information on any of the question, if you have any!


Warm regards,


Jūratė Kirvaitienė

Public Programs Specialist

Public Affairs Section

U.S. Embassy Vilnius

cell: +370 652 36 093





For the attention of grant applicants :


This year on Thursday, June 3, at 10:00 p.m. The U.S. Embassy organizes distance learning for nonprofits and individuals wishing to apply for grants. The requirements for projects will be introduced and the application forms will be reviewed.

Estimated duration – 90 min.

The training will take place mainly in Lithuanian, but some will also be in English, the presentation in English will be displayed on the screen.

Registered participants  will be sent a Zoom link the day before the event .


Those who wish to participate are invited until June 2. 10:00 a.m. register  by filling out  this form :


PS: Seats are limited ! Preference will be given to organizations that have never did not receive a grant from the US Embassy.


Attention to grant applicants:


There will be an online information/training session for grant applicants (nonprofit organizations and individuals) held on Thursday, June 3, 10:00 AMRequirements for projects will be discussed and required application forms will be reviewed. 

Estimated duration: 90 mins. 

The language of the training will be Lithuanian but some parts of it will be in English, and the presentation shared on the screen will be in English.

Registered participants will receive a Zoom invitation a day prior to the event.


If you would like to participate please fill in the following online form: no later than June 2 10:00 AM.



P.S.: The number of participants is limited. Preference will be given to organizations that have not received any grants from the US Embassy previously.