Israel’s Future Depends On Sovereignty!!

Thursday – October 7, 2021
Israel’s Future Depends On
Press Release from Yehudit Katsover and Nadia Matar, The Sovereignty Movement
The Sovereignty Movement praises Minister of the Interior Ayelet Shaked for her resolute declaration that a Palestinian state will not be established.
Lately we have witnessed a persistent campaign by left-wing elements to divide the Land and establish a Palestinian state in its heart; we also see parade of people eager to pay their respects to PA Chairman Abu Mazen, who views IDF soldiers and commanders as criminals worthy of being tried in the Hague.
Against this background, Interior Minister Shaked’s remarks (expressed when visiting in the Emirates), are of great importance, however, our movement appeals to her with a request: It is not enough to block the ideas of a Palestinian state.
We must promote the Israeli initiative to apply Israeli Sovereignty over Judea and Samaria, and as a first step starting with the Greater Jerusalem initiative.
Only in this way, will it be possible to cut off the Arab hopes to establish a state upon the ruins of Israel.

The application of Sovereignty is a necessary step for the security of the State of Israel and the fulfillment of the People of Israel’s historic destiny in its Land.
Build up the Negev! Ayelet Shaked also plans to promote the construction of 10 new communities in the Negev. The Interior Ministry said the move is important “for bolstering the settlement of the Negev, an area of national importance, and preventing illegal seizure of state land.” The ministry noted that increasing the population of the Negev will benefit all residents of the area, as well as using available land for the construction of additional housing units.
Interference unwelcome! The Biden Administration sent a quiet message to Prime Minister Naftali Bennett’s office requesting that new construction be curbed in Jewish localities in Judea and Samaria. Yesha Council chairman David Elhayani responded to the report and said: “The Biden Administration should not interfere in the internal affairs of the State of Israel. President Biden knows that damage to settlement building in Judea, Samaria and the Jordan Valley means the fall of the current government.”
It is imperative that Israel remain steadfast and not allow a “two-state” solution, continue to build up the land and not fall victim to pressure from other nations who instruct it on how to run its Sovereign Nation.

Advancing Peace Continues Through The Abraham Accords
Former White House senior adviser and son-in-law to President Donald Trump Jared Kushner – architect of the historic Abraham Accords – Ivanka Kushner (Jared’s wife), former Secretary of State Mike Pompeo and former Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin will attend the launch next Monday of the Friedman Center to Advance Peace Made by the Abraham Accords by former US Ambassador to Israel David Friedman.
At the dinner, Pompeo will be presented with the Center’s inaugural “Peace Through Strength” award. “Since leaving office, I felt it important to preserve the legacy and advance the message of the Abraham Accords through the voices of those responsible for this extraordinary achievement,” Friedman said in announcing the inauguration.
Time will also be devoted to the possibility of new agreements with more Middle Eastern countries.
The Abraham Accords continually demonstrate that peace between Israel and her Arab neighbors is not only possible but is becoming a reality and branching out in new ways never before thought possible.
ICYMI – Sustaining A Strong Israel in Unsettled Times
We heard this week from Arlene Kushner, author, blogger, freelance writer and investigative journalist, and Passionate Zionist.
This meeting was moderated by Judy Kadish and sponsored by Carol L. Flatto, AFSI South Florida Chapter Chair!
Missed the Zoom meeting? No worries! Watch it HERE on our YouTube channel.
“Your voice, your perspective, your experience, your Truth, cannot be suppressed and it must be heard.” This was the response by VP Harris to a student last week who accused Israel of engaging in ethnic genocide.
Israel, our greatest ally and the only democracy in the Middle East, never has and does not engage in ethnic genocide.
US Capitol Office (202) 224-3121 and ask to be connected to Vice President Harris’ office. After being connected, you will receive two options: press 2 to speak to a member of the Vice President’s staff, or you can write to If you want to leave a comment, please call the White House Comment Line: (202) 456-1111
Halie Soifer, CEO Jewish Democratic Council of America | (202) 975-0859
Mark Mellman,CEO Democratic Majority for Israel | (202) 625-0370
Capitol Switchboard (202) 224-3121 and ask to be connected to your Senators’ or Representatives offices.
All listings reflect AFSI’s mission to educate the public on the truth about Israel and to advocate for a Whole and Sovereign Israel.
Tuesday – October 12, 2021 | All Day – IN JERUSALEM
Jerusalem Post Annual Conference Celebrating 10 Years: The Future IS NOW
Held at Museum of Tolerance, Jerusalem. Click HERE for speakers and schedule.
Streamed live on and JPost Facebook page
Monday – October 18, 2021 | 2:00pm EDT
Tracing the Trope of Redemptive Anti-Semitism
Featuring Professor David Patterson, Ackerman Center for Holocaust Studies, University of Texas at Dallas.
Tuesday – October 20, 2021 | 2:00pm EDT
Zionism Today-New Visions for Israel and the Diaspora
With Lauren Isaacs, National Director of Herut Canada. She is an unapologetic Zionist, an outspoken activist, a community organizer, a staunch defender of Israel’s rights, and stands her ground against anti-Semitism. She is known for taking a stand on the Temple Mount for equality of religions, waving an Israeli flag, and being arrested. Lauren is an inspiration to young activists, on and off the campus. At age 25 she made Aliyah in 2020. She is a student at York University, Toronto, splitting her time between Canada and Israel.
Sunday – November 14, 2021 | 1:00pm EDT
Commemoration of the Balfour Declaration of 1917 and Fighting Anti-Zionism: Debunking the “Occupation” Lie!
Registration and full program info coming soon!
Sustaining A Strong Israel in Unsettled Times
This meeting was moderated by Judy Kadish and sponsored by Carol L. Flatto, AFSI South Florida Chapter Chair! With Arlene Kushner, author, blogger, freelance writer and investigative journalist. In the 1990s, she worked with the American Association for Ethiopian Jews, and wrote two books on Ethiopian Jews. After her aliya 20 years ago, she began work with the Israel Resource News Agency, providing in-depth reports on UNWRA; during that time, she wrote Inside the PLO and the Palestinian Authority. Her blog is dedicated to providing critical information about Israel.
Recorded October 5, 2021 | Video HERE
American and Israeli Political Scene: What’s the Outlook?
With Aharon Pulver, Executive Director of the Israel Independence Fund (IIF). Aharon has lived in Israel for 40 years, a time span that has provided him with the proximity, contacts, connections and understanding necessary to spearhead the IIF’s mission.
Recorded August 18, 2021 | Video HERE
Defending and Securing Israel for Generations to Come
With Brigadier General (res.) Amir Avivi, CEO and Founder of Habithonistim. In February 2020 Amir founded Habithonistim, a group that has quickly grown to over 2000 high ranking reserve officers and current IDF personnel.
Recorded August 11, 2021 | Video HERE
Annual Zeev Jabotinsky Memorial and Tribute with Nerya Meir
Nerya Meir is Head of Diaspora Department at World Zionist Organization. Prior to this he was the CEO of the World Betar movement.
Recorded July 21, 2021 | Video HERE
US Conditions UNWRA and PA Funding. About Time! With David Bedein
The US administration has asked Congress to resume funding UNRWA and the Palestinian Authority without any real conditions. Hear updates from David Bedein, who has been at the forefront of exposing the UNRWA problem.
Recorded June 10, 2021 | Video HERE
Why An American Orthodox Rabbi Made His Home in the Arab World
Rabbi Dr. Elie Abadie joined the Jewish Council of the Emirates with a vision to create critical Jewish infrastructure for the local community. Hear his first-hand experience and personal perspective on Jewish life in the UAE.
Recorded May 25, 2021 | Video HERE
The Big Lie of Khirbet Humsa: The Newest Version of Palestinian Authority/European Union TOXIC CONCOCTIONS
Naomi Kahn, Director of the International Division of the Israeli NGO, REGAVIM, gives us the real story of this Big Lie.
Recorded February 21, 2021 | Video HERE
Jews Are Indigenous to Israel
Activist Ryan Bellerose sees Israel as “a light unto nations” and a formula for success and offers a blueprint for securing land and rights for other indigenous tribes around the world.
Recorded February 10, 2021 | Video HERE
Habithonistim – Helps Keep Jews Safe Everywhere
Brigadier General (Ret.) Amir Avivi is the Founder and CEO of Habithonistim, comprised of more than 1,700 high ranking reserve and retired Officers, Commanders, and Operators of all Branches of the Israeli Security Establishment, focused on promoting the national security of the State of Israel. Presented by Canadian Anti-Semitism Education Foundation (CAEF). Co-Sponsored by Habithonistim – Israel’s Defense & Security Forum, Americans For A Safe Israel, and Canadians For Israel’s Legal Rights.
Recorded January 28, 2021 | Video HERE
Israeli Politics: The Emerging Landscape
In dialogue with Dr. Mordechai Kedar
Recorded December 30, 2020 | Video HERE
United Jerusalem Forever
With Daniel Luria, Executive Director of Ateret Cohanim’s headquarters in Israel. AFSI Chizuk Missions regularly tour the Old City with Dan, marveling at the progress that Ateret Cohanim continually exhibits.
Recorded December 9, 2020 | Video HERE
Sovereignty – What Are We Waiting For?
A timely discussion about Sovereignty with Co-Chairs of the Women in Green, Yehudit Katsover and Nadia Matar.
Recorded November 17, 2020 | Video HERE
Winning the Debate Over the Palestinian Arab/Israeli Conflict
Mendy Neeman is an authorized speaker on geopolitics for Birthright and a staff member at the C.P.D.H. (Center for Public Diplomacy and Hasbara). His presentations deal with the Palestinian Arab/Israeli conflict and demonstrate a unique way to easily address the most complicated issues.
Recorded November 4, 2020 | Video HERE
Israel’s Sovereignty Entitlements Under International Law in Respect to Jerusalem and the Disputed Territories
With Dr. Jacques Gauthier an international jurist, scholar and human rights advocate. Dr. Gauthier highlights the nexus between the historical facts and events which support the legitimacy of Israel’s sovereignty claims to all of Jerusalem and the disputed territories.
Recorded September 30, 2020 | Video HERE
How Judicial Activism in Israel Endangers Sovereignty in Judea and Samaria
With Simcha Rothman and Preface by Daniel Seaman. Meshilut, The Movement for Governability and Democracy, was founded with the purpose of strengthening the rule of Israel’s elected officials by restoring the balance between the judicial and legislative branches of government.
Recorded September 9, 2020 | Video HERE
The Politics of Sovereignty
With Likud member and Minister of Knesset Ariel Kallner. MK Kallner’s top priority is the issue of Sovereignty throughout the entire land of Israel.
Recorded August 11, 2020 | Video HERE
Zeev Jabotinsky Memorial and Tribute. Jabotinsky’s Legacy More Relevant Now Than Ever
Yifa Segal, Director of The International Legal Forum, moderated this tribute to the great Zionist leader Zeev Jabotinsky. With guests Yosef Ahimeir, Chairman of the Jabotinsky Institute in Israel and Ofir Dayan, Student Activist for Israel.
Recorded August 3, 2020 | Video HERE
Can Israel Win the Propaganda War?
Theory and Practice: A Conversation with Dr. Ron Schleifer and Ezri Tubi
Dr. Ron Schleifer is Professor and Senior Lecturer at the School of Communications at Ariel University. Ezri Tubi is the Founder of the YouTube Channel “Boomerang: Fighting for Israel.” AFSI is fortunate to have had Dr. Schleifer share his wisdom with us on some of our Chizuk Mission trips to Israel. Similarly, our trip participants have also spent time in Ariel with Ezri, the one-man Hasbara machine.
Recorded July 20, 2020 | Video HERE
Sovereignty: Legalities and Realities
With Yifa Segal, Esq, Director of The International Legal Forum, and Marc Provisor, Counter-Terrorism Expert and Director of Security at One Israel Fund, share their expertise on these two aspects of the Sovereignty debate. Download a copy of The International Legal Forum’s “Controversial Lands: 8 Burning Questions about Israel and the Territories.” and visit