Meeting with the Prime Minister and New Book

Dear Valdas,

This week I met with Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu along with IDSF leadership.  We presented a plan to develop the new national guard which will bring much needed security to vulnerable cities across Israel.  We spoke about the conscription law that is now under review.  And we presented the Prime Minister with our most recent national security research.

I also gave the Prime Minister a copy of my new book.

The book is in Hebrew, and the English translation of the title is, “We Will Never Go Back: Securing Israel Forever.”  This book presents an analysis of Israel’s national security, and what lies ahead.  The book not only seeks to educate, but also to inspire.  I am currently working on an English translation of the book which will be published later in the year.

The publication of this book coincides with IDSF’s first major conference on national security, to be held this coming week in Jerusalem.  While all of the presentations and panel discussions will be in Hebrew, I do hope to share English interviews of some of the presenters.  The topics of the conference are as follows:

  1. The Iranian campaign, the Abraham Accords and the future of the region
  2. The Palestinian campaign and the day after Abu Mazen
  3. The challenges of governance and personal security
  4. The threat of delegitimization against the State of Israel
  5. A panel of the former heads of the National Security Council.

Speakers include Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, Minister of Defense Yoav Galant, Former IDF Chief of Staff MK Gadi Eizenkot, and Minister of National Security MK Itamar Ben-Gvir.  For the list of 30+ speakers and topics you can visit the Hebrew conference website here.

Thank you for supporting Israel,

Brigadier General (res.) Amir Avivi
Founder and Chairman of IDSF Habithonistim


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📰Fox News published an article quoting IDSF member Major General Res. Gershon Hacohen in an article entitled Syria’s murderous dictator brought in from cold amid failing US foreign policy in Mideast: experts.

📰JNS published an article quoting Brigadier General Res. Amir Avivi about the Palestinian NGO Samidoun in an article entitled Chants of ‘Death to Jews’ at Samidoun Berlin march spark calls to ban NGO.

📺CBN interviewed Lieutenant Colonel Res. Jonathan Conricus on the role of the IDF in the modern state of Israel’s 75-year history.

📰Jerusalem Post published an article by Brigadier General Res. Amir Avivi entitled We need to build a firewall around the IDF, keep politics out.

📰Fox News interviewed IDSF member, Brig. General Res. Uri Engelhard in an article entitled Israel leads with early AI battlefield integration: ‘The future of defense systems’.

IDSF International Affairs Update

Brigadier General  Res. Amir Avivi briefed Lithuanian Ambassador Lina Antanaviciene on a wide range of national security issues. They spoke about how a policy of deterrence alone has not been working.  Rather, Israel’s security forces need to be more proactive in order to restore a sense of security.   They also discussed the increased volume of delegitimization campaigns on Israel’s control of Jerusalem. This is a leading cause for the many recent security incidents that Jerusalem have been experiencing.

Future areas of collaboration include briefing visiting Lithuanian officials on Israel’s security situation. There was also discussion of future study of the Lithuanian military conscription policy compared to Israel.

Do Israelis Support a Two State Solution?

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