Efraim Zuroff response to the speech by the Lithuanian ambassador to Israel to mark Holocaust memorial day in Lithuania

Just listened again (a second time) to the speech by the Lithuanian
ambassador to lsrael to mark the observance of Holocaust memorial
day in Lithuania. ln the middle, I started crying out of sheer disgust, at
the usual meaningless platitudes about remembering and honoring
the memory of the victims in a country which refuses to acknowledge
the full scope of local participation n Holocaust crimes, which took
place not only in Lithuania, but also in Belarus, where a Lithuanian unit
murdered some 20,000 Belarussian Jews. (Not to mention the German,
Austrian and French Jews deported to Lithuania to be murdered there
by Lithuanians.)
Lithuania is a country which honors anti-Soviet fighters, even if they
were also Holocaust perpetrators, and promotes a fake narrative of the
Shoa, minimizing the number of murderers and artificially inflating the
number of Righteous (the genuine ones of course deserve our
everlasting gratitude and adulation). We will continue the fight against
these lies and whitewashing of Lithuanian complicity, and will never
forgive those who murdered our loved ones, stole their property and
belongings, and erased their memories.