Only One Week Until Giving Tuesday!

One week until Giving Tuesday!

In the rapidly changing world that is the Middle East, EMET works on many issues, but our major focus right now is the looming Iranian nuclear bomb. Iran has already tried to smuggle explosive material to Palestinian terror groups in the West Bank via UAVs launched from Syrian airports.

EMET meets with Congress members on both sides of the aisle every day. We are constantly writing and publishing and holding webinars with the best foreign policy experts and analysts each week.

Through our articles and webinars, our aim is to make sure that the Iran nuclear negotiations in Vienna will not be used as a smokescreen behind which Iran continues enriching uranium to the level necessary for a nuclear bomb. And we bring it all home, letting them know that this affects not just Israel, but the entire Middle East, and will eventually come back to haunt us here in the United States.

From now until Giving Tuesday, we will match every donation, dollar for dollar, up to $100,000. We need your help! Please remember us on Giving Tuesday.