Operation Update

In my last letter I wrote about the urgent need for an operation in northern Samaria to target the buildup of terrorist operations.  As you have likely seen in the news, the IDF conducted a very successful operation in Jenin.  They targeted terrorists with pinpoint accuracy and destroyed a big part of the terror infrastructure.  Over 300 suspects will be interrogated by the security forces.  14 apartments that were used for terrorism were located and thwarted, and six explosives’ laboratories were located and destroyed.  Many explosive devises and weapons were found and confiscated during this process.  Additionally, six underground tunnels, including two inside a mosque, were discovered containing many weapons.

Throughout the operation, 3,000 families were able to independently leave the Jenin camp.  The IDF made sure to avoid harming the civilian population and their routine as much as possible. No Palestinian civilians who were not involved in the fighting were killed.

Sadly, one IDF soldier from the Egoz unit was wounded by gunfire and died.

The fighting capability of the IDF in densely populated areas with hundreds of terrorists and vast terror infrastructure is unmatched.  We should not take for granted what was accomplished this week.  Their ability to coordinate the air force, intelligence units and ground forces is remarkable and shows the advanced capabilities of the Israel defense establishment.

This operation is one of many that are needed to bring stability and security and also diminish terrorist capabilities.

Thank you for standing with Israel,