My latest op-ed on the recent noteworthy developments in Lithuania regrading our efforts to combat Holocaust distortion

Distorting the Truth

Still struggling to face its country’s complicity in mass murder of its Jewish citizens,  some Lithuanian leaders resort to – Blame the Jews!

By Dr. Efraim Zuroff

Just over two weeks ago, on January 27th, International Holocaust Remembrance Day, the Lithuanian Parliament (Seimas) convened a special session to mark the occasion. What should have been an entirely conventional event, which had been held annually ever since the 2005 decision of the United Nations to mandate this day, turned into a national scandal, the likes of which the Baltic country has not experienced since it obtained independence in 1990.
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Как получилось, что в России два главных раввина?

Впервые о необходимости главного раввина советские евреи задумались во время Перестройки — тогда, на волне общего религиозного подъема, им был необходим человек, который бы представлял их интересы. Таким человеком стал Адольф Шаевич, на тот момент — раввин Московской Хоральной синагоги. После развала Советского Союза он возглавил Конгресс еврейских религиозных организаций и объединений в России (КЕРООР), а сам стал главным раввином России.


Почему в Израиле одиноки мужчины, а не женщины
При разводе семейных пар в России жену чаще всего считают брошенной, а мужа свободным. Одиночество, от которого здесь в основном страдают женщины, с переездом в Израиль меняет свою гендерную принадлежность. В роли брошенных здесь выступают мужчины, оказавшиеся бессильными перед высоким уровнем дамской эмансипации, умноженной на сравнительно невысокий процент женщин в стране и однобокость законов.


My op-ed in leading Danish daily “Berlingske

Denmark Should Investigate the Role of Danish S.S. Volunteers in Holocaust Crimes

The news about the possible participation of Danish SS volunteers in the mass murder of Jews in Graz, Austria in April 1945, as revealed in the recent Koncern TV documentary series will no doubt come as a shock and a deep disappointment. This is not the first time in recent years that Danes have been implicated in Holocaust crimes. In 2015, Dennis Larsen and Therkel Straede exposed the role of Danish volunteers in a Nazi concentration camp in Bobruisk. They even found one of the guards alive and well living in Copenhagen.


When I wrote to then-Justice Minister Mette Fredrickson to request that the government investigate whether any of the other guards might still be alive, she replied SIX MONTHS later, that it was not the job of the Danish Justice Department to do so, and I had to come to Denmark to lodge an official complaint. Even after I did so, there apparently was no effort to track down the other guards, and the Wiesenthal Center had to do so itself. The investigation of Helmut Rasbol was conducted in an amateurish manner, and no charges were filed even though Rasbol had admitted in an interview shortly after his return to Denmark, that he had witnessed executions and participated in guard duties. It appeared that there was little political will to pursue such cases.

Now the Danish police are facing a potentially far bigger challenge because of the very young age of some of the potential suspects, increasing the chances that some of them will be found alive and healthy enough to face prosecution. The fate of this investigation depends on the determination of the government and the police to take the charges seriously and devote the necessary manpower and resources to do a topnotch job.


In that context, I want to point out two relatively recent events in which similar crimes were treated very seriously. One was the decision of the Finnish government to investigate the suspicions that Finnish SS volunteers had participated in Holocaust crimes on the eastern front during the initial weeks of the Nazi invasion of the Soviet Union. No investigation of any sort had been undertaken when they returned home after the war, and there had never been any evidence of wrongdoings. In 2017, however, Finnish historian Dr. Andre Swanstrom published a document which clearly hinted that the men were involved in shooting Jews and other civilians.


Upon my request to Finnish President Sauli Niinisto, a decision was made to undertake a comprehensive investigation of the role played by Finnish SS volunteers on the Eastern front. That research produced a comprehensive volume on the subject compiled by a team of researchers headed by Prof. Lars Westerlund, which confirmed that indeed it was likely that some of the Finnish SS volunteers had participated in war crimes and crimes against humanity. The willingness of the Finnish authorities to confront this issue honestly is an example of the civic courage necessary to undertake potentially unpleasant challenges.


The second event was the conviction in Hamburg of Stutthof concentration camp guard Bruno of accessory to murder for his service as a watchtower guard in that Nazi concentration camp. The trial aroused doubts because Dey began his service at the age of 17 and there was no evidence that he had committed any specific crimes. The verdict of Judge Meyer-Goering brilliantly responded to those doubts by explaining that Dey’s participated in the terrible perpetrated at Stutthof and therefore had to take responsibility, and be punished by a state governed by the rule of law. She also ripped apart the “small cog” argument by asserting that the mass murders were organized and implemented by a “multitude of human beings” who made the murders possible, even without committing them themselves. And the “small cog” excuse was an attempt by Germans to distance themselves from responsibility for any crimes.


The new revelations are an opportunity not only to possibly bring the guilty to trial, but also to examine the larger issue of the Danish SS volunteers. This cannot be done without the political will of the government and the police to do the maximum possible to ascertain the facts and hold those guilty accountable. If so, Denmark will write a second chapter of the its history during World War II, that it can be proud of.

Efraim Zuroff





Paul Packer, JAV paveldo išsaugojimo užsienyje komisijos pirmininko laiškas Lietuvos Seimo nariui V. Rakučiui

Mr. Valdas Rakutis
Member of Parliament, The Seimas of the Republic of Lithuania
Gedimino pr. 53, LT-01109
Vilnius, Lithuania


Pone V.Rakuti,

JAV paveldo išsaugojimo užsienyje komisijos vardu rašau, norėdamas išreikšti savo pasipiktinimą jūsų komentarais, pareikštais Tarptautinės Holokausto atminimo dienos proga. Kaltindami žydų tautą nacių režimo masinio genocido palaikymu, jūs labai iškraipote istoriją ir prisidedate prie pavojingo pasaulinio antisemitizmo augimo, keliate pavojų milijonams gyvybių.
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Sześciometrowa Gwiazda Dawida nad brzegiem Wilii

Sześcioramienna gwiazda powstała u podnóża Pałacu Sportu w Wilnie, gdzie do 1950 roku znajdował się stary cmentarz żydowski na Śnipiszkach. Została ona usypana z ziemi i ma być symbolem pochowanych w tym miejscu Żydów. „Cmentarz to nie pomniki, a zwłoki ludzi, które są w tej Continue reading “Sześciometrowa Gwiazda Dawida nad brzegiem Wilii”

Dėl Kapinių sutvarkymo ir Kongresų centro projektų Protokolų

Siunčiu naują redakciją, žemiau.
Įrašiau tave ir save, dėl kompanijos,kaip autorius, bet vietoje manęs galėtum būti pats vienas arba su Ruta ar Julium.
Taisykite savo nuožiūra.
Gerb. Remigijui Šimašiui
Vilniaus m. merui
Gerbiamas Mere,

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Call for solidarity

Tokiu įrašu pasidalinau feisbuke ir išsiuntinėjau savo pažįstamiems
Call for solidarity
Kvietimas solidarizuotis

Lithuanian law enforcement sends Giedrius Šarkanas to make a 90-day arrest. It is a persecution of beliefs. Those wishing to express solidarity or inquire about the situation (Imprisonment is preparing for the next month) can write to him at
Giedrius Šarkanas in a photo with a poster against the glorification of criminals during the arbitrary unveiling of a memorial plaque to Jonas Noreika

Giedrių Šarkaną Lietuvos teisėsauga siunčia atlikti 90 dienų arešto. Tai persekiojimas dėl įsitikinimų. Norintys pareikšti solidarumą ar pasiteirauti dėl padėties ( Įkalinti ruošiamasi artimiausią mėnesį) gali rašyti jam
Giedrius Šarkanas nuotraukoje su plakatu prieš nusikaltėlių šlovinimą per savavališką atminimo lentos Jonui Noreikai atidengimą

Izraelio ir Amerikos pilietinių veiksmų aljansas ICAN pradeda švietimo kampaniją visiems 535 JAV kongreso nariams. Kampanijos tema susijusi su Lietuvoje vykusio Holokausto iškraipymu ir neigimu

Po Tarptautinės Holokausto atminimo dienos Izraelio ir Amerikos pilietinių veiksmų tinklas (ICAN) pradėjo švietimo kampaniją, siekdamas užtikrinti, kad visi 535 Jungtinių Valstijų kongreso nariai sužinotų apie vykstantį Holokausto revizionizmą, kuris vyksta Lietuvoje. Continue reading “Izraelio ir Amerikos pilietinių veiksmų aljansas ICAN pradeda švietimo kampaniją visiems 535 JAV kongreso nariams. Kampanijos tema susijusi su Lietuvoje vykusio Holokausto iškraipymu ir neigimu”