Palestinian Apartheid Week: Update from Campus Grounds

First Footage from the Campaign:
Preview from the ground: here are some of the things we are discussing on campus related to the Palestinian discriminatory practices against Jews!
 The Students Supporting Israel team spent the first week on campus grounds as part of the “Palestinian Apartheid Week Campaign” and here are some key points we are raising with the college students:
– There is no mixing of Arabs and Jews in Palestinian-controlled territories.
– Jews cannot own land in Palestinian-controlled territories, and selling land to Jews is severly punishable by law.
– Jews cannot pray at the holy places in Palestinian-controlled territories without fear of violence and need heavy security to do so.
– The Palestinian government has made it part of their official policy to reward the killing of Jews with Pay to Slay funds.
– Both the PA and Hamas actively seek to erase the existence of the Jewish people from their textbooks, from their maps, and from their education system as a whole. 
Now is the time to discuss the Palestinian apartheid like policies. For too long, the despicable practices of the Palestinian government against Jews have gone unnoticed by the international and academic community. For the first time ever, activists at SSI will be exposing these shameful practices.

It is time to switch the conversation from one where Israel activists are constantly on the defense, to one where we are pro-actively asking the HARD QUESTIONS that needed to be asked a long time ago!