Post Event 29.1 + February Programs

Dear Friends,

Thank you for joining us on Sunday, January 29th for the first program in a new four part series:

Violated!:  Sexual Abuse During and After the Holocaust

Our guest speakers were Dr. Sonja M. Hedgepeth and Dr. Rochelle G. Saidel who gave a presentation on:

Sexual Violence against Jewish Women during the Holocaust:
Challenges and Reflections

Dr. Sharon Geva gave the opening remarks.

We invite all participants, and those of you who did not catch this talk, to watch the recording of this program on the Ghetto Fighters’ House YouTube channel

You can watch all the Talking Memory programs on our YouTube play list


The second program in the series Violated!:  Sexual Abuse During and After the Holocaust will take place on Sunday, February 19th:

Birth, Sex and Abuse: Women’s Voices under Nazi Rule  
The guest speaker will be Dr. Beverley Chalmers.

Holocaust literature gives exhaustive attention to ‘direct’ means of exterminating Jews, by using gas chambers, torture, starvation, disease, and intolerable conditions in ghettos and camps, and by the Einsatzgruppen.  Manipulating reproduction and sexuality – as a less ‘direct,’ but also abusive, method of genocide of Jews, or its antithesis – geno-coercion among ‘Aryans,’- has not yet received the same attention, and will be examined in this presentation.  The Nazis abused reproduction and sexuality to create an ideological ‘Master Race.’ They prohibited those deemed ‘Life unworthy of life’ from having sex or reproducing while promoting these among those deemed ‘worthy of life.’

This program is in partnership with the Remember the Women Institute, Women in the Holocaust – International Study Center (MORESHET), Wagner College Holocaust Center, Classrooms Without Borders, Rabin Chair Forum Washington University, and the Johannesburg Holocaust & Genocide Center.

2 PM EST | 8 PM CET | 9 PM SAST | 9 PM Israel

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With Our Partners:

Wednesday, February 9th:

What do we remember? How do we remember? Who remembers? Panel discussion

This is the fourth and final program in the series:  80 Years After – Aktion Reinhard”: The Industrial Killing of European Jewry, a joint project of the Galicia Jewish Museum, the Johannesburg Holocaust & Genocide Centre,  and the Ghetto Fighters House

During the last event,  we will discuss issues related to memory. What Do We Remember? How Do We Remember? Who Remember? Prof. James Young will describe the process of commemoration at the Concentration and Death Camps itself. Prof Omer Bartov will look at the processes of transmission of the memory of the Holocaust in Israel. Finally, activist Dariusz Poplela will show how small communities and nongovernmental organizations work together to bring back the memory of the Holocaust in the context of rural Poland today.
Dr. Edyta Gawron from the Jagiellonian University will moderate this program.

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 1 PM EST | 7 PM CET | 8 PM SAST | 8 PM Israel

Thursday, February 23rd:

A NEW eight part series exploring the multifaceted discipline of Holocaust Studies through unique and previously unexplored lenses.
Classrooms Without Borders, in coordination with Tali Nates, Founder and Director of the Johannesburg Holocaust & Genocide Centre, Madene Shachar, Director, “Talking Memory” online lecture series & International Educational Programs at the Ghetto Fighters’ House, Esther Toporek Finder, member of the GSI Coordinating Council, Generations of the Shoah and in partnership with Liberation75, is pleased to embark on this new innovative series “The Holocaust as an Interdisciplinary Tapestry.” 

This series will engage with scholars and experts who grapple with themes related to Holocaust studies. The series will explore the multifaceted discipline of Holocaust Studies through different lenses. The series will include scholars whose research and publications shed new light in this field of study that continues to grow and develop. Our experts will challenge us to understand the causes, impacts, and legacies of the Holocaust.

The first program will feature Dr. Robert Krell, Professor Emeritus, Department of Psychiatry, University of British Columbia and Holocaust survivor,  who will give a presentation on:  Psychiatry and the Holocaust.

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2 PM EST | 8 PM CET | 9 PM SAST | 9 PM Israel