“Reality is Stronger” Says Rothman on Judicial Reforms

Monday – May 22, 2023
“Reality is Stronger” Says Rothman on Judicial Reforms
The chairman of the Knesset Constitution and Law Committee, MK Simcha Rothman, believes that the judicial reforms he and Justice Minister Yariv Levin proposed has not been completely dropped from the government’s agenda. This is despite the ongoing negotiations to pass a different version of the reforms at the President’s Residence.
“I believe that the reform is not finished, it will be implemented, and also that the coalition and its leaders do not plan to allow endless time wasting in negotiations that lead nowhere,” Rothman said in an interview with Israel National News – Arutz Sheva.
When asked about the source of his confidence, Rothman said that, beyond his faith in G-d, he knows that the problem is that “the reforms are real problems that every coalition, and certainly this coalition, will encounter every day. I know that the majority of the public wants reform. Reality is stronger than any theoretical argument.”
“The positions are clear. The entire public, in an almost complete consensus, knows that there is no legitimacy for a court elected in this way with a veto for judges to overturn laws. It seems that there are parties who are interested in ensuing that the negotiations are extended indefinitely. This is not good for the country, the justice system and the coalition.”
Rothman said that he is one of the people who believe that the negotiations are on their way to “blowing up.” Rothman is right and if the opposition continues to abuse the right to sit and negotiate peacefully and rationally, they will certainly lose.
(MK Rothman and Professor Alan Dershowitz will debate at the June 4 Arutz Sheva conference. We are still waiting for a registration link for this event.)
Group photo in Oz v’Gaon with Yehudit Katsover and Nadia Matar, the Women in Green
In Oz v’Gaon with Nadia Matar (L) at the Helen Freedman Pergola. Holding the Israeli flag L-R: Ann Stacy,
Judy Kadish, Henry Jentes
Parking lot in Sderot. In the back right corner are 3 cubes that serve as shelter from rocket attacks
At The Temple Mount
Goodbye group dinner this evening at Pinati Restaurant in Kfar Etzion
Implement Smotrich Proposal Now!
Finance Minister Bezalel Smotrich has begun intensive talks with various government ministries with the aim of doubling the number Jews in Judea and Samaria.
Smotrich has drawn up a comprehensive proposal that calls not only for a rapid increase in the amount of housing available in Judea and Samaria, but also all the necessary infrastructure expansion needed to support another 500,000 residents in the region, including roads, public transportation, employment opportunities, and educational facilities. The sources said that Smotrich demanded that the plan should be implemented within the next two years.
Smotrich’s key demands call for the building of proper infrastructure for all existing Jewish communities in Judea and Samaria to further this goal, whether their legal status has been finalized or not.
It’s high time to implement Smotrich’s plans so that these communities can have the dignity they righfully deserve knowing that the necessary infrastructures for daily living are in place. Just do it!!
Ben-Gvir Breaks Status Quo – Again
On Sunday, Minister Itamar Ben Gvir visited the Temple Mount for the second time since taking his post and said: “We are the owners of Jerusalem and the entire Land of Israel.” Jordan condemned the visit, calling it a “flagrant violation” of the status quo.
The status quo, established by the Jordanian Wakf agency in the summer of 1967, after the then-Defense Minister gave it the keys to the Temple Mount, prohibits Jews from praying on the Temple Mount. However, in recent years the police have stopped enforcing the prohibition and refrain from arresting Jews who pray in the eastern corner of the compound. Waqf guards who tried to interfere with the prayers were arrested and removed from the compound.