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Talking Memory – January 2022
Join us for two very interesting “Talking Memory” events in January 2022:Sunday, January 16th:

“The Wannsee Conference:  90 Minutes of Bureaucratic Evil” 

As part of a new four part series, “Rethinking the ‘Final Solution’ and the Wannsee Conference 80 Years Later”, in the first program in the series we will host guest speaker Dr. Matthias Hass from the House of Wannsee Conference Memorial Site and Education Center with opening remarks by Dr. Tamir Hod, historian at the Ghetto Fighters’ House.

Details and registration HERE:   

This series is in partnership with Remember the Women Institute, the House of Wannsee Conference Memorial Site and Education Center, the Rabin Chair Forum, Liberation 75, Classrooms Without Borders, and the Johannesburg Holocaust and Genocide Center.

:Sunday, January 23th
As part of the Ghetto Fighters’ House programming for International Holocaust:Remembrance Day, “We Raised Our Voices”, a special “Talking Memory” event
The Austrian Cinema during the Nazi Regime: Between Alliance and
:Guest Speaker
Prof. Klaus Samuel Davidowicz
In conversation with
Dr. Dana Masad

Details and registration HERE

This program is in partnership with the Friedrich Ebert Stiftung Israel.

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