Thank you for standing with Israel and supporting the truth!

We appreciate your ongoing support for Israel and for a strong America abroad. That’s why the Endowment for Middle East Truth (EMET) is your voice in Washington, DC. We are the foremost pro Israel, pro American think tank on Capitol Hill. Our deep relationships with members of Congress allow us to shape U.S. policy on the Middle East by helping our leaders support our allies and stand with Israel.
EMET takes your voice to Congress every day by briefing top lawmakers on good policies, and we are the only organization that brings the pro Israel coalition to Capitol Hill through monthly seminars for congressional staff and the media. We will help you advocate with your members of Congress to advance policies that strengthen Israel and the United States.

In Hebrew emet means truth, and it is truth that guides all our policy work. Sometimes U.S. leaders are unaware of the truth about the Middle East–the violence and radical Islamism that permeates the region. Instead, some policymakers pretend that Palestinians are ready to make peace with their neighbor, even as they deny the very existence of the State of Israel. That’s why we’re constantly called to brief members of Congress and their staff on how to secure America and Israel.

Our experts are on Capitol Hill 4-6 times each week helping lawmakers increase sanctions on Iran, hold the Palestinian Authority accountable for incitement in school textbooks, seek justice for U.S. victims of Palestinian terrorism, fight the Boycotts, Divestment, and Sanctions campaign, and support those fighting for freedom amidst dictatorships in the Middle East.

Your engagement, and your support, is going to be critical to keep America strong and our allies secure. We look forward to working with you to help our leaders strengthen our most important ally in the world: the State of Israel. And we are honored to be your voice of truth in Washington, DC. Thank you for standing with Israel and for standing with the truth!