The Vilnius Jewish Community is the major democratically run Jewish community in Lithuania, representing the approximately 2,200 Jews of Vilnius (Vilna, Yiddish Vílne), constituting the vast majority of Lithuania’s current Jewish population. It is independent of government institutions, and run by a 21 member elected council.

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We offer guest speakers in English and other languages (or when necessary we provide a translator) to enable you to learn of the real issues of today’s (and tomorrow’s) Jewish life here in Vilna, the city known for hundreds of years as the Jerusalem of Lithuania, based on its huge contributions to Jewish thought, religion, modernity, language and literature, in the period up to the near-total destruction of its Jewish community during the Holocaust.

We are small but We Are Back! Contact us at email  or telephone +37065974776 for more information. We can help by recommending top-quality guides, genealogists, and speakers to engage with you and your group when you visit here.

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