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More Words about the UN’s latest Attack on Israel

The new Commission of Inquiry established by the UN (un)Human Rights Council (UNHRC) should rightfully be called a “shanda”, the Yiddish word for a disgrace, a shame, a terrible embarrassment, a scandal. CAEF urges everyone to respond to the Inquiry so read further.

There is no justifiable reason for millions of dollars to go to establishing a forever inquiry into Israel, the country most demonized by this global organization that was established ostensibly for humanitarian purposes.

Read excerpts from the United Nations Charter

CAEF won’t comment on whether the UN does a good job on all of its charter mandate; there are operating units that deliver humanitarian aid or support sustainable development, but clearly the entire UN system does a terrible job of maintaining peace and security, solving international problems and encouraging respect for human rights and upholding international law in settling disputes. To wit, the latest hostile, injustice meted out to Israel is the formation of an ongoing Commission of Inquiry headed by a chief antisemite and her team of anti-Israel provocateurs.

CAEF urges YOU to make a submission to this new body. Call out the lies and Jew hatred embodied in the very idea of such an investigative entity that has no intention of querying the inhumane or unlawful activity of any country other than Israel. The Inquiry will ignore the actions of Israel’s enemies which are intent on its destruction.

So for the New Year, make a pledge to Take Action and make a submission! There are documents to assist you. See the overview of the inquiry and ideas provided by Anne Bayefsky, President of Human Rights Voices.

Read the CAEF submission here.

Watch for CAEF template and easy instructions for submissions in separate email.

Before Year End, Support CAEF to Stand Strong


The Editorial Board of the Wall Street Journal published this article on December 27, 2021 which speaks to this latest UN attack against the Jewish State.

The U.N.’s Israel Libel Machine Expands

In 2021 the Israeli electorate traded former Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s conservative government for a centrist coalition backed by Arab parliamentarians. But the relentless assault against the Jewish State by the United Nations will continue in 2022 and beyond. Last week the General Assembly signed off on a multimillion dollar sinecure for a permanent “Commission of Inquiry” into its most hated member.

The U.N.’s Human Rights Council resolved in May to “investigate violations of international humanitarian law” in the wake of the 11-day Gaza war between Israel and Hamas. The conscientious proponent of the resolution was Pakistan—last seen supporting the Taliban’s Afghanistan takeover—with human-rights champions China and Cuba also voting yes.

The cause of the May conflict was a rocket barrage on Israel by the Iran-backed terrorist groups Hamas, which rules the Gaza strip, and Islamic Jihad. The pretext was an ongoing court battle between Jews and Palestinians over property in an East Jerusalem neighborhood. Because of the success of Israel’s Iron Dome missile defenses, alarms and widespread bomb shelters, only 13 Israelis were killed in the indiscriminate onslaught of more than 4,000 rockets.

Read more

One more thoughtful review of the UN’s rampage against Israel and why we should worry about the spread of Jew hatred. Read Phyllis Chesler’s article  for the Investigative Project on Terrorism, December 29, 2021.


CAEF responds to Honest Reporting’s Call to Action, noting CBC reporting is antisemitic

Words matter and CBC is often indiscriminate in promoting lies about Israel.

Read CAEF letter


Sign the petition, Tell the Toronto Star: “Stop Giving Hamas a Free Pass on the Environmental Crisis!”

Honest Reporting started this petition. They do great research and take action. You can take action now:

Sign this petition


CAEF supports the call to Federal Lobby Commissioner to investigate CJPME for possible violation

The NGO, Canadians for Justice and Peace in the Middle East supports neither justice nor peace, but spreads lies and promotes the BDS movement, dishonestly stating it is about peaceful resistance. The movement’s own founder states the goal is the eradication of the Jewish state, hardly peaceful.

CAEF Board member Michael Teper filed a request with the Lobby Commissioner to investigate the lack of lobbyist registration of this organization which perpetually lobbies members of parliament.

Read letter


One More Worry for Jews: DEI, the new Code for Antisemitism

Read here


Two Statements that Should Get Your Attention

HARAS RAFIQ, a Muslim against antisemitism speaks out in this article published October 21, 2021 in the Jewish Chronicle.



AARON BOXERMAN reports in the Times of Israel, December 21st, 2021 that Mansour Abbas, head of the Ra’am Party in the Knesset declared that Israel is a Jewish state, and the Arabs should stop contesting that fact. (It isn’t April 1st and we didn’t make that up.)


Photo from the Jerusalem Post


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